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Big News for Business Facebook Pages

New inventions coupled with creativity gain your business a lot of exposure. Facebook’s cover photo is a great example of this as it introduced a new meaning to business pages. Facebook’s cover...
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Facebook Live for business

Facebook Live for Business

Coming to you live… from Facebook? Yes, as you might have seen in the last couple of weeks Facebook Live has been granting users and businesses the ability to live-stream from their Facebook accounts....
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review management stars rating

Best Practices for Review Management

When a customer has a positive experience, they’ll likely tell one person. When a customer has a bad experience, they’ll tell 10….and write about it on your social media pages, local listings...
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Social Media Spring Clean Up

Just like everything else in your business your social media platforms could use a Spring Cleaning. In today’s world with consumers being connected to their favorite brands 24/7 the social space...
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Social Media Trends of 2016

As most expect, 2016 is going to be a year where digital developments continue to flourish and evolve in the world of social media. I have a list of the top 2016 social media trends to keep your eye...
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Top 10 Best Video Ads on YouTube

Google recently released its list of top 10 video ads from the last 12 months (April 2013-April 2014). Together, the videos received 620 million views, comprising 924 million minutes watched. That’s...
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