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Facebook Live for business

Facebook Live for business

Coming to you live… from Facebook? Yes, as you might have seen in the last couple of weeks Facebook Live has been granting users and businesses the ability to live-stream from their Facebook accounts.

This has presented businesses around the world with a new way to communicate with their fans.  Live-streaming with your followers not only gives you the opportunity to communicate while sharing video.  You can take advantage of real time interaction through comments, likes and shares. You can make use of this live-streaming feature to present new product or service features, talk about topics that concern the future of your business or even just connect with people and tell them more about why you can help them solve their problems and how you can do that.

Some of my favorite live-stream broadcasts have ranged from bands taking me on a backstage tour during a concert that is across the globe to my favorite authors sitting down and answering business questions in a “one-on-one” Q&A session.

The future is bright for video and video marketing! I can’t wait to see how this form of video communication spreads.  If you want to learn more about how video can help you spread your message and actually save you time in the long run, visit us at for more information!

Miranda Hoofman

Author Miranda Hoofman

Miranda is an Account Manager with experience in planning and managing full scale marketing campaigns including everything from traditional to digital advertising, marketing communications and video production.

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