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Just like everything else in your business your social media platforms could use a Spring Cleaning. In today’s world with consumers being connected to their favorite brands 24/7 the social space can easily become cluttered, overwhelming, and faster than ever before. There are several dozen social media platforms out there today, but which ones are the most effective and will help you tackle your business’ challenges and overall goals?

Social Media infographic

When starting to clean up your social media presence start by looking at each platform, and estimate if the time you’re investing into the platform is worth the return. If it isn’t simply get rid of it. Not every social media platform will work for your business. There are two main questions you should ask yourself when looking into your social media, “What do you want social media to do for your business?” and “Which Channels are best for these goals?”. Hootsuite created a great social media audit template to help you assess these questions.


Another tool to help your social media management is by using a Content Calendar to organize and prioritize your social media content. By using a content calendar you can sit down with those involved in your day-to-day social media and plan out each months theme and/or content. You can even take it one step further and plan for a whole year. This will allow you to focus your time on good consistent content, and not waste your time trying to find topics or themes to post about.


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Clutter-Free Social: How to Clean Up Your Social Media Life

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