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60-second video clips have arrived on Instagram! A feature that was once only available to advertisers is now released to all users following the latest update. Settling into a comfortable battle with Twitter, a platform that has been struggling the last couple years, Instagram is bridging the gap between content creators and followers by allowing more video content to be posted.  Snapchat, Beme and Vine continue to hold the 7-second video post, while big players YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo control the seas of long-form production.

Adding view counts & the ability to stitch together multiple video clips inside the app will allow users to be even more creative on this mobile platform. It is going to be exciting to see what value comes to users now that 60 seconds videos will be posted. What kind of stories, behind the scenes or video blogs might gain more traction now that they gain another :45 seconds to share with their followers?

Juan Trevino

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