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New inventions coupled with creativity gain your business a lot of exposure. Facebook’s cover photo is a great example of this as it introduced a new meaning to business pages.

Facebook’s cover photo hits the five-year mark this year. Its newest update may be its best yet. The new layout features a mobile safe area and the buttons no longer overlap the image, giving you more space for creativity.

However, if you were really clever and integrated your profile image with the cover image, it may no longer work the way you intended. Both cover and profile image size requirements have also changed.

With the number of mobile users constantly increasing in the world, it’s important for your business to keep up with changes and stay current.

Check your business page today. If you should need updates, we’re always happy to help.




Nicole Oquist

Author Nicole Oquist

Nicole is an integral part of RCP’s creative team that continually creates fresh design concepts for RCP's clients and has created marketing pieces that have won national awards for design.

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