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Logos are the cornerstone of graphic design. The design trend of logos is usually stable and doesn’t change much from year to year. But there are always emerging styles to take notice of. The purpose of creating a logo for a client is for brand authenticity and to have a long shelf life (sometimes up to a decade). Designers should be aware of the difference between being on-trend and being trendy. Despite that, we are challenged to create a logo that will look modern, chic and capture the essence of a brand.

Based on what 2019 brought us, we can predict which trends could be most popular in the world of logo design in 2020.

The Gradient Logo

With the world continuing to move in the digital era and not restricted by antiquated printing processes, brands are breaking out with multi-color logos. The most recognizable brands to introduce the gradient logo are Instagram and iTunes as well as the recently unveiled (and quite the hot topic when released) Facebook corporate logo. This trend will continue in 2020 with either multi-color or limited color gradients.





Simple Lines, Shapes and Typefaces

One of the biggest trends is the simplification of logos down to the bare-bones. It is a simplification of everything – from the brand mark, fonts and colors to the brand name, making it easier to read the logo.

Line-based logos are the perfect examples of minimalism in logo design. The line designs are used to create a letter or symbol and utilize negative space. They are a compound element of every basic shape. Thick or thin, designers will keep using lines in 2020 to create amazingly simple logos.





Retro-Style Logos

Trends seem to repeat themselves about every 30 years. So, let’s take it back to the ’90s or even the ‘60s. Think neon colors and mono-chromatic pallets. Bubble fonts and animated doodle cartoon illustrations. The retro design is making a huge comeback and it looks more modern than ever.




While some companies are going for simple, flowing line logos, others are going for embellished monograms. Grunge and distressed logos have become popular in the last year and seems to be here to stay in 2020. You’ll also most likely see them paired with vintage-style typefaces. This style is a favorite for micro-breweries and farm-to-table restaurants.





Text Block Logos

It’s hard to think of “text-in-a-box” as a design trend because it isn’t necessarily a new idea. However, several brands are leaning towards this look because if it’s versatility and bold statement. Text-in-a-box allows for lots of usage over images and colors. It also allows the business name to become more prominent against a variety of backgrounds




If you’re looking for a new logo design or re-design of your existing logo, be sure to evaluate all elements that will visually reflect your company. There are several elements to consider when designing a logo. For more information, refer to our article: THE FIRST STEPS IN DESIGNING A STAND-OUT LOGO.


Julie Franczek

Author Julie Franczek

Julie is a creative professional at RCP and has taken many campaigns and initiatives from their creative inception to completion. She is a Michigan State University alumni and serves on the board of her Yacht Club.

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