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In the course of my 20 plus years in marketing, I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with so many wonderful people of different ages, genders, races, and experiences. It has helped mold me into who I am today as an employee at a fast-paced agency. People make such an amazing difference in driving success – something that is measured in different ways. You have business success which appeals to any driven, passionate, and competitive person in the marketplace. You also have the fulfillment of coming to work every day and truly enjoying the people who surround you for over 40 hours every week.In the marketing industry where creative minds, egos, energetic, and extraverted personalities rule the playing field, diversity and understanding can be a huge key to success. If you are younger, you learn from experienced co-workers. If you are older, working with young, bright-energetic people can keep you young at heart, and constantly recharge the battery. Females and males provide different perspective into behaviors and trends.

As marketers, we are constantly listening, looking for ways to maximize opportunities, leveraging relationships, and connecting to people. And while anyone can be a good listener, doing so as a marketer requires a fair amount of analysis—it’s an active process, not a passive one. By being trained in customer analysis, focus groups, and audience alignment, you start to learn how to really listen to what your stakeholders want—and that’s a good thing no matter what you do.

Since marketing is all about figuring out how to reach and communicate with various audiences, good marketers are constantly dealing with different types of people. The best marketers learn how to gain insight into different personality types and take different approaches for engaging with them, based on what makes them tick. Knowing how to read people and understand those needs and wants will help you communicate effectively with clients, business partners, managers, and team members.

Jon Baarda

Author Jon Baarda

Jon is an expert in direct-to-consumer advertising. He helps clients plan and manage successful projects through direct mail, television and radio. Jon loves basketball and is an active volunteer and coach for his children’s schools.

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