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Cinemagraphs Get More Attention!

By August 24, 2016 No Comments

One of the newest and latest trends in the marketing industry is the cinemagraph. A cinemagraph is simply capturing a video, choosing a still image from the clip and revealing one precise area to loop the video, making the photo come alive. The art is in the staging of the video.

Cinemagraphs have a visual effect of a static photo that when viewed appears to come to life giving them great power. With Facebook and Instagram successfully implementing auto play and auto loop in their display advertising, cinemagraphs have taken advantage over both static images and videos.

Marketers are constantly creating new ways to engage audiences with their content, and cinemagraphs have provided ways for brands to move and capture their audience. They are eye-catching and provide a real-life experience to the user, making them part of native advertising. Being a part of native advertising means that cinemagraphs don’t interrupt the audience, they offer helpful information similar to the current information on a particular platform. The best way of understanding this is realizing that context becomes more important than content. When an audience member can comprehend or understand what you’re advertising, they are more engaged. Content is king; context is God.

Cinemagraphs are captivating and people want to stop and stare at them. Put focus on your brand, tell your story, and make your audience think and engage today.

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