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A brand guide is a manual on how your logo and brand are to be used in all mediums. Its purpose is to create consistency when using your brand’s identity. If you have invested the time and money into a corporate identity package, it is important to set guidelines that ensure the integrity of your brand when creating written and visual material for the public as well as internally.

A good brand guide, also known as a style guide, can be as detailed or brief as you need it to be. Some of the core elements that should be defined are logo usage, color palette and typography.

Logo Usage:

Brand Guide - Minimum Logo Size

It is important to show how your logo will be used in application. Define the minimum size as well as spacing restriction in relation to other items. It’s ok to show do’s and don’ts as examples for not stretching or altering the orientation of the logo.


Define your brand’s primary colors, as well as any secondary or tertiary colors. Include the color breakdown for various processes such as: print, web, embroidery, paint, etc. This will ensure that the color stays consistent in all applications.Brand Guide - Color Guidelines

Ideally, the brand guide will illustrate specifics of how your logo is used on various colors, such as when to use a reversed version vs. the standard color logo.Brand Guide - Color VariationsIt is also helpful to show examples of your logo in application. For instance, on imprinted items such as a shirt, hat or pen.Brand Guide - Color Imprint ExamplesTypography:

For brand consistency, list the primary and secondary typefaces that compliment the logo in all applications. If different weights of a font are available, be sure to display them and explain when to use which style of type.Brand Guide - Type GuidelinesAs you know, it’s important for your brand to be represented consistently across all media as well as any other form of communication. An effective brand guide is worth its weight in gold if it takes away any confusion when it comes to the unity of your company’s identity.

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