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Whether you’re taking photos for a paid gig or just shooting for fun, follow these simple steps to make sure your photos are high-resolution in order to avoid pixelated or blurry photos.

1. View Image Details  

  • Checking Resolution on a Windows PC

    • Select the file you want to use
    • Right-click on the image
    • Choose “Properties
    • Go to “Details” tab

Windows PC-Avoid Pixelated Photos

  • Checking Resolution on a Mac

    • Select the file you want to use
    • Right-click on the image
    • Choose “Get Info
    • Go to “More Info

Avoid pixelated photos on Apple Mac computers

2. Check Dimensions

  • Use conversion chart to verify the dimensions of your image will convert to the size you need to print.
  • Images cannot be enlarged without losing quality and becoming blurry or pixelated.


*Chart is based on 300 dpi images. For Large Format printing, at 75 dpi minimum, multiply inches by 4 for image size. For Photographic Large Format printing, at 175 dpi, multiply inches by 1.7 for image size. EXAMPLE: 3”x 5” image can be produced as large as 12”x 20” in Large Format and 5.1” x 8.5” in Photographic Large Format.

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