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November is the month when your mailbox will be flooded with holiday cards, books and gifts. Don’t worry – we’re here to help you return the favor. Let us help you with generic or custom cards, promotional items and much more.

Over the years at RCP, we have helped clients create personal cards to send to their customers. For us designers, we’ve created funny and serious cards, but this is the kick off to the holiday season. Nothing gets you in the mood for Christmas more than designing a foil stamped snowflake card or making a hamburger on a plate for Santa. If you choose to create a one of a kind card, this is the time to start sending to your clients, friends and loved ones. Whether you are sending 10 cards or 10,000 with a personal message or more of a generic message, the possibilities are endless. If you prefer to send a digital version of a card instead of traditional we can always help with that as well.

Already have a card? We can help you pick out the perfect personalized gear to give to your employees. It’s not too late to order with our sister company, The Gear Group. They have a variety of options and ideas for gifts to your employees or clients. Why not promote your company all year round on a jacket or cup that has your logo on it and also something that your employees use on a daily basis.

Everyone enjoys being thought of during the holiday season, so if it’s a traditional card to a personalized jacket, the thought behind it is the same.

Jessica McClure

Author Jessica McClure

Jessica is a designer specialing in web graphics, branding and printing who turns abstract ideas into stunning graphics. In her spare time, she enjoys sports and the great outdoors.

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