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Give Your Video Marketing a Spring Cleaning

By May 4, 2016 No Comments

Clear the clutter and find new ways to grow your video marketing skills this spring!

With a fresh start to the year, it’s the perfect time to pause and take inventory of your video marketing efforts. Over the last few years, video and video marketing have reached a new level. Whether in traditional TV marketing or in the inter-webs with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it’s crystal clear, video is everywhere. And there’s no question why. When brands share video content, they see immediate results. Here at RCP Marketing, we’ve been watching this trend and we’re ready to help you reach your target audience.

Spring Cleaning Tip #1: Clear The Clutter

It’s time to stop posting the same media content in every location. The last thing you want to do is compete against yourself on every social media platform. Instead, choose one platform that BEST showcases your video.

Which platform fits your video?

  • Upload your video to YouTube if you are going to produce an instructional video.
  • Share your video on Facebook if there’s a personal message.
  • Highlight your video on a mobile platform if you’re providing a brief behind the scenes look at how you do things.

Spring Cleaning Tip #2: Dust Off The Features

Each social media platform allows users to engage with media in different ways. For instance, YouTube uses annotations that can direct your audience to landing pages for more information. Twitter offers an automatic play feature that helps attract more viewers. Facebook has paid advertising options and a clickable “call to action” at the end your video. Make sure you’re making the most of these features when you upload your video. Take some time to learn and decide which platform helps you deliver the most value.

Your potential customer doesn’t want to speed listen to a 5 minute video. They want to engage with you.

Spring Cleaning Tip #3: Cut The Cliche

Everyone is guilty of it. You start making videos and you want to pack as much as you can into each video, but it’s simply not effective. Your potential customer doesn’t want to speed listen to a 5-minute video. They want to engage with you. Take the time to connect with your customer through video by sharing in their struggle and showing them how you can make a difference. Or share your story and tell them why you’re in business. Teach your customers, show them how you do something. Video is incredibly powerful when done correctly. Be authentic, connect with your customers, and give them a reason to share your brand’s message.

So there it is, three strong suggestions to give your video marketing a spring cleaning going into your campaigns this season! Just as April showers bring May flowers, the time you put into your video marketing strategy now will result in increased traffic to your videos and website later. If you’d like to learn more about video or marketing, please visit us at rcpmarketing.com. You can also connect through the social networks listed below. Have a great one!

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