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As you drive by billboards, read brochures, watch commercials, or even look at applications on your phone, you can pick up on trends that are new, but you can also understand which current trends may still be popular. I’d like to discuss some trends that are interesting to me – they are: brush/hand written fonts, watercolor imagery, pastel colors, overhead photos, white space, and of course, Pokémon Go.

Trending in 2016Currently, there is a movement of using more organic elements like brush fonts or watercolor backgrounds. Both elements have gained a tremendous amount of popularity in 2016. Brush fonts have incorporated hand lettering and have transformed pieces to be a softer, more organic feeling than harsh lines and bold colors. Watercolor backgrounds allow more colors to come alive in photos; they set the mood.

Rose Quartz and Serenity are the 2016 Pantone colors of the year. Both are pastel colors that have been increasingly trending. Psychologically, both colors show a great balance between warmer and cooler tones and also allow consumers to connect on an emotional level, just like watercolor backgrounds.

Trending in 2016

Hero photography has been popular for over a year now; however, the style of the images have changed. Today, product shots from overhead are making their way into more brochures and websites. The Gear Group photograph, pictured on the right, displays this concept. This overhead shot concept is also a very effective tool to show size comparison for various objects. Another great concept that is becoming more acknowledged is the use of white space. The Gear Group photo uses white space to clearly communicate the product and provide a call to action to the consumer. Not enough white space may lead to a clutter of information.

Trending in 2016

Lastly, Pokémon Go has made its mark in the United States. It may be one of the biggest explosions to ever hit the news, social media, and the Internet. It’s 2016 and more millennials get to relive their childhoods than ever before. Lets face it, if you haven’t heard about this, you’re probably off the grid.

Jessica McClure

Author Jessica McClure

Jessica is a designer specialing in web graphics, branding and printing who turns abstract ideas into stunning graphics. In her spare time, she enjoys sports and the great outdoors.

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