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You can like it, blog it, reblog, trend, follow, subscribe, check-in, rate, up-vote, share… the possibilities are endless with 2.34 Billion social networks users worldwide. This number is expected to reach approximately 3 Billion by 2020. Social media is fully embedded in our lives, and as marketers we position businesses to maximize its full potential. The social landscape or “The Socials” consists of TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn with monthly worldwide users ranging from 100 Million to 1.59 Billion.



Facebook Demographic Infographic

Facebook is the most popular social media platform with 1.59 Billion monthly users. Businesses can share posts, updates, and news with people who like or follow them. 66% of all men and 77% of all women are active Facebook users. And if you break it down by age that’s 87% of people 18-29. What is important to notice is that we are still reaching more than half of those in our smallest represented age group of 65+.



Twitter Demographic Infographic

With over 175 Million tweets daily, between the 320 Million monthly users, Twitter is a fast paced stream of consciousness social platform allowing businesses to connect instantly, yet concisely with 140 characters. Businesses use Twitter to catch attention, relay information, and build relationships with the audience. In fact, Twitter is becoming more popular as a costumer service platform.



Instagram Demographic Infograph

Instagram has a visual sharing community of over 400 Million monthly users, who are sharing 60 million photos per day. The majority of Instagram’s users are between the ages of 18 and 29 as 53%. However, Instagram still reaches ¼ of all people aged 30-49.



Pinterest Demographic Infograph

Pinterest is a great source for businesses whose clients are actively looking for things to plan, buy, and do. With 42% of all women being active Pinterest users, the demo staggers more evenly over the age ranges than we see in other social platforms.



LinkedIn Demographic Infograph

Lastly, is LinkedIn, which holds its place as the social media platform for professionals and businesses. There are 100 Million LinkedIn users globally with half of all college graduates using this channel. It’s also the only social network whose top age demo is actually 30-49 years old followed by 50-64.


Each channel has a very different user demographic and purpose making this social landscape very diverse. It’s important to know how each one of these channels varies so we can understand what makes each so unique and harness that into an integrated marketing strategy. If you’re looking to reach the younger demographic that TikTok attracts, it could be worth buying TikTok likes from market leader



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