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2016 Presidential Election

Today marks the end of months and months of political bantering. While this presidential election has been taking place in auditoriums, arenas, televisions, and mailboxes, it has also been battled out on social media.

Multiple social platforms have taken center stage throughout the campaign season, reaching out to people of all ages. Republican candidate, Donald Trump and Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton are two politicians who have taken complete advantage of using social media throughout their campaigns. The candidates have both used Facebook Live to broadcast rallies, created Snapchat filters, shown behind-the-scenes footage, showcased endorsements from other politicians and celebrities, conducted Q&As, and raised campaign funding all through social media. They’ve even sparked trending phrases, Donald Trump turned his well-known chant “lock her up” into a trending hashtag and Hillary Clinton and her supporters fired back by declaring #ImWithHer.

According to Market Match, the biggest social network on the planet (Facebook) has said that the 2016 presidential election alone has generated over 5.3 billion posts, likes, comments and shares, with nearly 110 million Americans participating in the online debate between January and October this year.

In the 2016 elections, presidential and congressional candidates have turned to the internet to reach voters in a far less expensive way than via traditional television advertising. By using online advertisements, social media and Twitter, candidates can get their campaign messages to voters at a far lower cost to the campaign.

According to Big News Network, a survey of U.S. adults showed that 44 percent learned more details about the presidential election from social media, outpacing both local and national print newspapers. 

Regardless of who you are voting for and how you received your information, It’s important that we listen to what each candidate has to say and make your own opinions and make sure to exercise your right to vote!

Melissa Blackmer

Author Melissa Blackmer

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