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Your profile image is the ONE image that will represent you all throughout Facebook. For that reason alone, you should make sure your image is recognizable and memorable.

Here are our recommendations for creating a successful profile image:

  • The simpler, the better.

Keep in mind that while your profile image on your home page is 160px x 160px, in the newsfeed the profile image is only about 40px x 40px. It gets even smaller when it appears next to comments, at about 30px x 30px. (See comparisons below.)

rcp_160x160     rcp_160x160     rcp_160x160

  • Use your logo if it’s simple and recognizable.

If your logo is unrecognizable at a small size, an alternative would be to use a portion or simplified version of it. The good example is much more recognizable when it’s small and is still consistent with the company brand. The bad example is too small and hard to read. Altogether, eliminate small text or fine details to simplify your image. (See examples below.)

rcp_33x33_good (Good)     rcp_33x33_bad (Bad)

  • Don’t use a photo if you’re a business. 

It’s important to build your brand recognition. Photos tend to get overlooked as personal pages vs. business pages.

  • Keep your image consistent.

It’s okay to change your profile image often if it’s still on brand and recognizable. (See some good examples below.)

gap_original     gap_rainbow     gap_bw

mcd_original     mcd_football     mcd_blue

target_original     target_christams     target_spring

  • Keep consistency through all social platforms.

Maintaining consistency will help you create a strong brand recognition.







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Nicole is an integral part of RCP’s creative team that continually creates fresh design concepts for RCP's clients and has created marketing pieces that have won national awards for design.

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