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It’s the first week of December and the gift buying and planning of the countless holiday parties is upon us. What dish to bring to the office holiday party? What to wear to the Nutcracker? What to get for your teenage daughter? It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed as your to-do list piles up. But, the good news is that Pinterest is here to help and I hope that these 6 different Pinterest tips will make your holiday planning a little easier this year.

1. NEW! Look for tried-and-true ideas
Maybe you’re sick of brining the same dish to pass to your office holiday party or you need a kid-friendly low-cost teacher gift…. Start your experimenting with an idea that people have already tried and have given their stamp of approval.


2. Explore the NEW! Pinterest Explore
Look into the Pinterest Explore feature for regularly rotating pins of surprising food and gift ideas, from what is trending or what Pinterest tastemakers are loving!


3. Search through Pins!
Did you spot something in a Pin that you think would be perfect, but it’s not the highlight of the original Pin? You really like a hat, but the article is about finding the perfect winter coat? Tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the Pin to highlight just the part you’re interested in, then feast your eyes on a section of similar looking Pins.

img_5667img_5665 img_5666


4. Use group boards to crowdsource your holiday plans
The old saying “Many hands make light work” and when it comes to gift buying and party planning, things are a lot easier if you have friends and family help share the burden.
All you do is create a board, add collaborators, and you’re ready to plan your next holiday get-together or if you need gift ideas from your daughter.

avree rcp-treats


5. Create secret boards
If the person you’re collecting gift ideas for is super sneaky you can always make a top secret board so they can’t see your gift ideas.



6. Save time by purchasing gifts on Pinterest
As you’re browsing your gift ideas, keep your eyes open for Pins with blue price tags. If the price is blue this means you can buy it right on Pinterest! Buying on Pinterest mean you only have to type in your card information and mailing address once and you can then buy from any store that sells on Pinterest (smaller boutiques to big guys like Wayfair) without having to go to their site and set up an account!

wayfair shabby


I hope these 6 tips make your holidays just a little bit merrier and brighter! Happy holidays!

Melissa Blackmer

Author Melissa Blackmer

Melissa is a multitasking superstar assisting some of our agency’s largest clients with major print marketing and online media campaigns. When she’s not working, you can find her running or biking along the lakeshore and spending time with her family.

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