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4 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Google Partner Agency

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For business owners and marketing executives alike, strategizing, managing, and reporting ROI for digital marketing or Google Ads campaigns can be overwhelming. You may find yourself asking questions like: “What keywords should I be targeting? What makes compelling ad copy? What do all of these metrics mean for my business, and which ones will help me make decisions?” Even beyond the reporting, finding the time to learn paid search platforms like Google Ads and all their intricacies is no simple task.

There’s no doubt that Google Ads is an extremely effective tool for maximizing exposure and generating leads or sales online. However, it’s a complicated piece of software, and it can take years to master. As a business owner, you can only be hands on with so many things at once. It’s very common for businesses to either hire someone internally to manage this process, or to outsource it to a firm like RCP Marketing to handle it on their behalf. However, when it comes to hiring an outside resource, you can’t just hire any Tom, Dick, or Harry. Whomever you hire, that person or agency must be a certified Google Partner.

How to Know If An Agency Is A Google Partner?

According to Google, “Look for the badge.” The Google Partner badge shows that a particular agency or organization has passed the necessary Google Ads certification exams, and are up to date with the latest product knowledge. There are also performance benchmarks put in place on the accounts that the agency manages in order for them to retain that Partner badge, along with any specializations in the different areas of Google Ads: Search, Mobile, Video, Display, and Shopping Advertising.

The badge looks like the one below. If you hover over the three dots on the badge, it will reveal the specializations that the particular firm maintains. This particular one is from our website. If you scroll down to the footer, you’ll see it there.

Google Partner Agency RCP Marketing Grand Rapids Michigan


4 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Google Partner Agency

Google Partners maintain a proven track record of success managing campaigns for multiple clients in the areas of Paid Search, Display and Remarketing Advertising, Youtube Ads, Mobile Advertising, and Shopping Campaigns. At RCP Marketing, we also manage Facebook advertising, and organic search through Search Engine Optimization as well as content development. Below are 4 reasons why you should work with a Google Partner like RCP Marketing.

  1. We have Direct Relationships with Google

This is a huge plus. It allows us to get insight from the horse’s mouth on new features, changing best practices, and inside secrets on making the most out of our client’s money in Google Ads. We have a dedicated team of representatives that are there whenever we need them. It also allows us to get early access to some of the new and improved beta features that we can then extend to our customers before the general public receives them.

  1. We Constantly Have to Stay on Our Game

Google wants only the best and most knowledgeable to re-sell their products. They evaluate their Google Partners on an ongoing basis through testing and reviewing performance in the accounts that we manage on our client’s behalf. Our team at RCP Marketing renews our certifications every year to assure we have the most up to date knowledge of the platform as possible.

  1. You Save Time and Money

Running campaigns in Google Ads can be daunting and complex. Working with a Google Partner Agency assures that your marketing dollars are being handled by professionals that have your business goals and return on investment top of mind.

  1. You Get the Best of the Best

We spend several hours training and re-training to pass lengthy certification exams to make sure we’re certified within Google’s strict standards. The Partners Badge is Google’s stamp of approval, validating our agency to be able to re-sell and manage their products. You can rest assured that you’re working with the most qualified people possible to handle your business.

Take Your Digital Advertising To The Next Level

We’re a Google Partner Agency holding specializations in several areas including: Paid Search, Display Advertising, and Mobile Advertising. We’d love to talk to you more about your challenges, and how we can help your business succeed.

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