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The days of large agencies being the only firms out there to offer advertising services do not exist anymore. There are thousands of options from 2 person boutique shops to mega agencies with offices in multiple cities all over the world, and each have their own specialties and strengths. With so many, how do you filter through the process and choose a partner who’s right for you?

Most businesses rely on their own in-house marketing teams to position their brand effectively. However, as business grows and needs development, reaching out to an agency for help definitely has its benefits. Not only do agencies live and breathe advertising, they also provide knowledge and insight to creatively position your brand.

Here are some things to consider to find the right marketing agency partner for your business:

1. Identify your business and ask yourself what your end goal is. – It is important for you to know what you want to accomplish with your advertising. Then, evaluate and choose the right agency that can address and solve your business issues.

2. Find an agency with experience in your industry. – Agencies who are knowledgeable about your type of business will already be acclimated with the needs and concerns associated to your area of work, and how to achieve successful strategic marketing efforts. Keep an eye out for the ones that focus in a particular industry, but are able to make your brand look unique and distinguish you from their other clients.

3. Look for committed partners. – Communication is key to having a good relationship. Calling your agency partner should be the best call you make that day! And when you speak with your partner, they should make you feel like you are their only client.

4. Do you want a small agency or a big one? – The size of the agency you select may depend on the amount of services you need and the resources they can provide. Bigger agencies may offer a deep level of resources, but may not provide the expertise or attention. There is no golden rule – it is best to evaluate the size based on the agencies overall ability to solve your business issue.

5. Consider a Full-Service Agency. – Full-service agencies integrate all aspects of your campaign under one umbrella. This allows for consistency of message across all media platforms, and may save you a substantial amount of money. Even though you may not need everything they have to offer, you might eventually. It can save you time as well. Making one phone call to an organization who is already familiar with your brand and positioning can make the new or next project much easier.

Jon Baarda

Author Jon Baarda

Jon is an expert in direct-to-consumer advertising. He helps clients plan and manage successful projects through direct mail, television and radio. Jon loves basketball and is an active volunteer and coach for his children’s schools.

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