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Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook timeline and been served an ad for something that clearly does not pertain to you? There is a high chance that it’s happening more than you realize.

Facebook AdsFacebook is now making it easier for you to control what ads you see. Users will now have the ability to adjust their settings to modify the ads that they are served. This new system will give you the option to stop having ads served to you based on your interests. If you are interested in cats on Facebook, this will give you the chance to get rid of all the cat related ads. Giving the user the ability to choose what type of ads they will be served is going to make the Facebook experience more personal.

“People can modify the interest we use to show them ads to make them more relevant to their interests,” said Andrew Bosworth, VP-ads and business platform, Facebook.

The second interesting change is what advertisement is served to you. Do you ever see ads from specific companies on Facebook? The truth is, companies follow you, just like people. As stated above, you are now able to modify your ad settings to control what ads you see. Now, you can tell Facebook to stop serving you ads from specific companies that are targeting you. If a company is targeting you consistently, you are most likely on their email list. Facebook will now show you the advertisers that have you on their email list, and give you the ability to stop getting served ads from those brands.

This benefits RCP as well as our clients because it allows us to understand our clients target audience’s buying behavior and make more strategic decisions for our client’s Facebook ads. Overall, we’re able to make sure that we’re spending money in the most effective way for our clients.


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