Your Good, Better, Best Options for a Mobile Website

By Michael Davis
August 28, 2013

Have you looked at your website on a smart phone lately? How does it size up? It’s surprising how many websites out there are not developed for mobile browsing. Some of them belong to really big companies, too! More than 55% of web traffic is on a smart phone and that number is rapidly increasing. Some media experts say web traffic from desktop computers could disappear within only a few short years, which means people are making a permanent switch to mobile phone and tablet web browsing. Is your business ready for that?

A GOOD mobile site

Designing responsive and device-specific websites have become standard procedure for many web developers this year. That is, designers are creating websites that “respond” to the size of the display the visitor is using (phone, tablet, desktop) as part of their “best practice” guidelines. All of the information and navigation usually shows up, but it is rearranged to fit the screen. This is a Good option for websites that do not involve too much interactivity and are mostly information only. You could probably call this the bare minimum approach to a mobile website.

A BETTER mobile site

Unfortunately, unless your website was built within the last year, it’s pretty unlikely you have a responsive site. However, there are ways to spruce up your non-responsive site’s appearance on a mobile device. We’re developing customized “Quick Connect” mobile solutions – a Better mobile site – for our clients that allow web visitors to quickly connect with valuable mobile options such as “Get Directions,” “Call” or “Email,” and yet still have access to the business’s full site from a mobile device. This is a great choice for B2B companies who need customers to immediately engage with a business from a mobile phone. We recently developed a full website and “Quick Connect” mobile site for Smile Grand Haven that allows their clients to push buttons to place a call, get directions, schedule an appointment, watch a video, view their full site and even read patient testimonials.

The BEST mobile websites

While a “better” mobile site is perfectly suited for some companies, simply having a website adapt to the size of screen or offer quick button features may not be enough, especially for businesses that rely on sophisticated online menu structures, galleries and database listings. This is where a richer mobile environment is needed – much like that of an app on your phone. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, just open up the Facebook app on your phone. You’ll quickly see that you can navigate to hidden side menus with multiple content categories that are clickable for in-depth mobile browsing. When you’re not engaged with that content, those side menus are hidden away. Now imagine having your products and services display this way. Pretty cool, huh?  This is definitely a Best mobile option for any kind of company that needs products listed and full menu navigation from a mobile phone.

Developers are constantly improving the user experience for web traffic, and having at least a good mobile site is not something you should put off. Connect with us today so that we can give you a complimentary web consultation with customized Good, Better, Best options that will help improve your appearance on a mobile device.