Temporary Marketing – Who Knew?

By Carly Crow
April 14, 2010

In a recent Deliver magazine article, there was this little article that pointed out some amazing statistics. Did you know that expectant and first-time parents should be a prime target for some companies? This group is clearly a cash cow.

Some research done by TheBump.com found the following about new parents:
82% have a babyshower and of them, 86% register for gifts.
85% set up a college savings plan
82% create a will, living trust or estate plan
67% book a vacation
51% purchase or lease a new or pre-owned car
32% purchase a home or primary residence

I was shocked at the high percentages and realized that for financial planners, trust attorneys, car dealers, travel agents, and mortgage lenders this audience is ripe for the picking, but only for a short window of time—40 weeks, that is.

Hurry, hurry.

Source: December 2009, Deliver