RCP’s Recently Launched Web Developments

By Michael Davis
September 17, 2012

Clients work with us because we provide solutions. For the following handful of RCP clients considering their current business challenges, web development offered a solution. Let us share with you some of our recently launched web projects and explain how the site provided solutions.

Arvco Container Corporation approached RCP Marketing to create a user-friendly website for its diverse and extensive product inventory. We partnered with their team to create an extensive user-friendly, B-to-B-focused website the sales team can rely on to share new products. The new site is housed in a WordPress content management system which gives our client a convenient and flexible way to maintain the site internally, and keep content organized for the sales team and customers.

Collier’s West Michigan Investment Group, a Grand Rapids company, hired us to build a commercial real estate property site, built on top of the WordPress content management system. This site allows them to have their properties online and allows users to administer searches within that inventory. It is also easy for Collier’s to update the properties as needed.


Effizient in Grand Haven hired RCP to build a professional and branded public website featuring their products, but additionally a secure document sharing area where an invited user can access product specifications and videos. This site also provides the ability for the client to manage the site themselves.


Grand Action of Grand Rapids needed a campaign that included a website that would easily manage donations and contributions to support the development of the Downtown Market. They hired us to build an online donation microsite, create bus signs, and design and create posters.



Author: Michael Davis

Karate Skills: Chuck Norris Email: michael@rcpmarketing