Does Your Website Increase Brand Trust?

By Carly Crow
August 23, 2012

This morning, I was wading through all of the Industry feeds, emails and social content that come my way and I stumbled upon this article, “Eight Website Super Signals That Increase Brand Trust”.  It really stuck out to me as a “truth” in the marketing and web industry or something that is a best practice for website development.

I see a lot of content regarding the importance of businesses having a website to be relevant and credible, but this takes it one step further. Your website can have a negative effect on your brand if it feels sketchy. So, the development and forethought is more important than ever. I also like the tactics suggested to make a site feel trustworthy. They are logical and very practical solutions that anyone who can produce a website can incorporate. If your site feels trustworthy, then the brand feels trustworthy and the connotation is positive thus you win!

by Carly Crow