Daily Pea Partners with RCP to Develop Online Presence and Strategy

By Carly Crow
October 28, 2013

Cortney Munro, Founder of Daily Pea, has worked with us for about a year and a half to develop her online presence and strategy, including website development, site driver strategy, social media strategy and consulting. She was nice enough to come in and talk about her experience working with us before she moved her family from Michigan down to South Carolina.

As we continue to measure and discuss her website analytics and interpret the data, Cortney works with us to increase traffic and exposure to her website and update it as needed.

We measure individual webpage and blog traffic, interactions, as well as social likes, follows and shares to determine strategy alterations. She monitors responses that she receives on her website, e-blasts and social media and responds by tweaking her strategy as needed. It is an ongoing process to evolve with the needs of her audience. Her goal is to stay relevant and produce content that meets the needs of her audience and get them to it in fewer clicks. Her audience continues to grow at a steady and manageable pace.