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The Future of Radio Ads

As an account manager, I’m frequently asked about my thoughts on radio and if it’s still a relevant advertising medium. While some might say radio ads are an outdated form of advertising, we are going to see (or rather hear) ...
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4 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Google Partner Agency

4 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Google Partner Agency

For business owners and marketing executives alike, strategizing, managing, and reporting ROI for digital marketing or AdWords campaigns can be overwhelming. You may find yourself asking questions like: “What keywords should I be targeting? What makes compelling ad copy? What ...
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Colored Fonts Hit The Mainstream Font Repos (Like a Digital Virus)

What Are Colored Fonts? Well, This is How Puts it: "You can think of color fonts like, say, emojis: these fonts come with preset color schemes, so when a user typesets with them, some colors appear incorporated in them, ...
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Five Things Designers Want to Help Their Clients Understand

In the fast-paced world of design there is a lot of industry lingo that gets tossed around and as a designer or account manager we often forget to explain these to our clients in layman’s terms. Here are five things ...
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Top 10 Best Tips For Landing an Ad Agency Job

I’m Don, RCP Marketing’s new Digital Marketing Coordinator. Having experienced both corporate and agency-side internships during college, I developed an appreciation for how much someone can learn in the fast-paced environment of an agency. During my last year of college ...
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Tito's Vodka

How Grit and Grind Turned Tito’s into a Vodka Giant

Bert "Tito" Beveridge's story is truly authentic. Founding Tito's Handmade Vodka in 1997, and never looking back, he's developed a hard-drink powerhouse. To me, what's unique about his passion is that he single-handedly created this company. And, it's a little ...
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Make Search Results Stand Out With Rich Snippets

Rich snippets allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page. Major search engines have now gone much further, with relevant structured content drawn directly from your site and presented within the search result. Typically ...
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Holiday Season

November is the month when your mailbox will be flooded with holiday cards, books and gifts. Don’t worry - we’re here to help you return the favor. Let us help you with generic or custom cards, promotional items and much ...
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Visual Guide To Installing a Let’s Encrypt SSL on GoDaddy cPanel Hosting

This is a fairly easy visual guide to installing a Let’s Encrypt SSL on GoDaddy’s cPanel hosting accounts. A couple of things to note right from the start, Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates are only issued for 90 days! This means, every ...
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Mobile First

Marketers will Need to Adapt to Reach Customer Engagement in the age of Mobile

From a marketer’s point of view, customer engagement is something that you’re constantly striving to achieve. There is no correct answer or formula and the rules of engagement are constantly changing. Marketers are only focused on reaching customers where they ...
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Michael Davis

RCP Marketing Names Michael Davis Vice President of Technology

MUSKEGON, MI -- RCP Marketing announced the promotion of Michael L. Davis to Vice President of Technology. In this role, Davis is responsible for leadership aligning technology with corporate-level strategy, and leading cross-functional teams in the development of web-based marketing ...
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Digital Car Buying

Digital Insight About the Car-Buying Process

Sitting at the conference room table, I had an epiphany about the car-buying process. My initial thought – a consumer shows interest in a car and searches new/used dealerships, Craigslist, third-party shops, etc., and eventually purchases. What I failed to remember were ...
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